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Afaque Khawaja

Those who pursue their passion are doomed to a life of sheer bliss. Such is the case for me. I have been overly obsessed with writing for as long as I can recall. From writing random letters as a child to writing my emotional thoughts as a teen and now I write long-winded analogies for blogs or anything my employers demand from me. Do I love my job? Absolutely! You give me any topic and I’ll get right into deep research. I grew up as a curious little fella and that got me to discover and master a lot of different thinking patterns. Yes, I was a little guy and I had to prove myself so I kept acquiring skill after skill until I realized that maybe writing is the best suited option for me. Now I spend my time researching and writing on pretty much everything I find. Writing and analyzing is my forte and I’ll offer you a chance to test me out any time you want.

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