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BPO Industry Insights in 2023: Globalization and International Trade

Musnad E Ahmed

Musnad E Ahmed

Last modified on March 13, 2024

BPO Industry Insights in 2023: Globalization and International Trade

As the global economy continues to adapt to the changes initiated by the 2020 recession due to the Coronavirus pandemic, it’s essential to assess the evolution of the BPO industry. This sector has played a pivotal role in the global economy, revolutionizing international trade and expanding its influence across diverse sectors.

We will delve into how the BPO industry has metamorphosed over the past two years, highlighting the incorporation of cutting-edge technologies and innovative practices in this era of international trade. As we approach the mid-decade, the BPO industry continues to offer immense opportunities for both developed and developing countries.

Let’s dive deep into the insights of the Business Process Outsourcing industry insights of 2023 for a clearer understanding of where the world progresses towards today.

Business Process Outsourcing – A Brief Account

The significance of BPO industries in international trade has been evident for many years. However, the landscape of outsourcing activities has evolved dramatically since the onset of the digital information age.


Call centers have always dominated the world of business process outsourcing, providing offshore clients an opportunity to save on costs. As a result, nearly one and half decade of call center operations has caused a significant boom in offshore business processes.

In contrast, developing countries like Bangladesh, India, and the Philippines have created jobs for millions as telesales specialists. This symbiotic relationship has only developed with time as economies have steadily steered towards outsourcing. Even prior to this global pandemic, international industries have always relied on offshore companies for recruiting talents and oftentimes, back-office support as technology became more popular.

However, since the start of the 2020 pandemic, it has become clear that outsourcing is the only way for businesses to survive the global recession. With its round-the-clock support systems coupled with significantly reduced costs, the only means of survival in a world where indefinite lockdowns have become the norm.

As a result, the global economy owes a debt of gratitude to BPO companies supporting other businesses to survive during today’s recession by leveraging technology while streamlining international trade simultaneously.

Regions on the forefront of BPO Industries in 2023

The year 2023 has been a significant milestone in the BPO industry. Their effectiveness is the critical factor that keeps the economy flowing. They’ve accelerated international trade through strategic partnerships due to improved overseas communications using advanced technology acting as the catalyst through globalization.


India was and still is one of the largest tech giants in all of Asia. Its prowess for providing BPO services such as call centers and customer support remains unchallenged. Their organization, NASSCOM, overlooks all their offshore activities and has reported a boom in diversification ever since the start of 2023.

With an industry that spans over 3000 company members with over $194Bn and an employment figure of over 4 million, they have made their way o much of today’s internet memes related to IT.

They have expanded across diverse sectors enabling offshore clients to outsource their services to India. NASSCOM has also facilitated global trade as one of their most revered projects and looks to expand even more in the foreseeable future.

The Philippines

The Philippines is one of the most significant stakeholders when it comes to Business Process Outsourcing. It has been so for over a decade, and it continues to grow noticeably even today. They have started outsourcing call center services, including customer support and IT maintenance for their offshore clients with complete professionalism.

However, their association organization, known as IBPAP, overlooks and projects their prospective future and plans out years in advance. The 2020 recession along with multiple earthquakes brought about major damages for the Philippines.

Despite the losses, the Philippines still shows resilience and, remains in the game, projecting an astounding revenue of $29Bn by 2022.


Many might not know, but Bangladesh has been in the BPO industry for a significant long time and has made advancements that rival even India and the Philippines. Initiating their operations with call center services, Bangladesh has genuinely made an art out of appointment settings.

Additionally, the recent growth in customer support has helped the nation to appear under the spotlight. As of 2023, Bangladesh holds expertise in almost all facets of business process outsourcing or BPO activities. BACCO, the institution overseeing this operation in Bangladesh, has been in cohorts with their government to shift their resources into the BPO industry.

Furthermore, many prominent organizations have further elevated the status of business process outsourcing, resulting in the expertise gaining a solid foothold. Through partnerships with offshore clients, international trade has been accelerated and continues to grow even to this day.


The Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Industry in 2023

The BPO industry’s global recognition in 2023 has been unprecedented, with expansion and innovation being the keywords. Developing countries continue to reap benefits, with increased employment opportunities and offshore organizations experiencing growth through globalization.

Telemarketing and Sales

As one of the overall facets of business process outsourcing where it all started. The telemarketing industry has made an impact so huge that it continues to attract offshore businesses even to this day. Prospective buyers are no longer challenged by communications, only if they can manage funds for better resource allocation.


Through constant involvement, it has created millions of jobs worldwide while establishing a skill that is in much demand. Telemarketing and sales teams are used for replacing the conventional marketing efforts and by reaching out to overseas customers diversifying their customer base through international trade.

In 2023, the telemarketing industry is just as relevant as it was in the preceding years and has forecast a steady growth for years to come.

Customer Support Services

We are all aware of customer support services for their iconic impact on tech support services, mainly originating in India. Outsourced customer support services are more prominent than organizations simply employing their own teams.

It leaves an impact on organizational growth as well as customer experience, with both being intertwined. The scenario has more or less been the same with outsourcing customer care services. Outsourcing customer support has always brought about newer opportunities for organizations as they spread their resources to more critical sectors.

Outsourced customer support services are demanded more as of 2023, with more outsourcing companies taking on more jobs. The popularity of customer support services has been higher as of late as BPO industries and their clients recover from the global recession.

Back-Office Services

The back-office support services are under the spotlight today as their use has seen prominence following the 2020 pandemic. Outsourced back office support is at an all-time high mainly due to its cost-effectiveness and the ability to complete tasks with minimal supervision.

Entire business organizations can now operate on a large scale with full force with the help of outsourced back-office support services. 2023 is no different, as it has made a strong foothold with other essential outsourced services.


2023 has been one of the best years for the Business Process Outsourcing Industry, where it has enjoyed significant growth and popularity. When the whole world was trying to claw its way back up after the global recession, outsourced services stood strong as the support businesses needed to make it through the dark times.

Moreover, most new business organizations have risen and grown solely with the support of the BPO industries. There is no doubt that BPO industries have facilitated international trade through the establishment of global partnerships that have paved the way for success and imminent future growth.

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