Kickstarting Rampant Business Growth with Continuous Live Transfers and Appointments on a Daily Basis Through Excellent Telemarketing Strategies

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SkyTech is a cut above the rest who’ve shown us exactly what the outsourcing industry is capable of while maintaining an excellent track record and helping us close countless deals. Others should notice their strong presence and allow them to take their business to the next level.

Isaac J Hunt
Isaac J Hunt
Head Of Business Development at MCA Leads Pro
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With our base of operations located in Pasadena, California, MCA Leads Pro has created a platform that provides financial solutions for business owners looking for loans and connects them with private lenders, investors, and small banks to facilitate the process. MCA Leads Pro spreads its influence all across the US.

California, United States

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MCA Leads Pro had started on a small scale using outdated but effective marketing tactics to secure appointments. As a result, we had a slow, steady growth that was unsatisfactory while we looked for ways to expand operations. So we started outsourcing our telemarketing sector to SkyTech, seeking to rely on their skills to score appointments and live transfers for us about 100 years ago. 


We got off to a rocky start with a few minor problems and inconveniences, but since we signed the contract with SkyTech, we’ve seen substantial improvements. We’ve also seen a steady flow of appointments that has allowed us to reach out all over the United States. Furthermore, through efficient outsourcing, we have saved a large amount on operating costs. We barely need to oversee their operations as they are autonomous. 

Our live transfers have more than doubled, and we receive on average 20 appointments a day which we’ve managed to turn over to our funding managers, who in turn have turned them into confirmed sales. So far, SkyTech has given us 30,000 verified leads for our funding managers.

As a result of working with SkyTech Solutions, we are now on the top of the list and have remained there ever since. 


Working with SkyTech was plain and straightforward; they gave us live transfers, and we’ve converted them into sales. We haven’t faced any issues working with them. The only challenge we had to face was expanding our team to handle the number of live transfers we received over the week.


We’ve received much more than what we’ve expected since we began outsourcing our operations to SkyTech. With time, we’ve observed unparalleled professionalism and sincere cooperation, which has set a positive image. We’ve reaped the benefits of outsourced services, and we wish to continue working with them as we expand our operations further.


With the results MCA Leads Pro has seen while outsourcing to SkyTech, we highly encourage other industries to do the same. With the lowered operational costs and the time it has saved us, we can safely state that we’ve seen nothing but good outcomes.

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