Amassing an insurmountable number of leads through the most excellent web design and web application and ranked on google through numerous updates

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What we did

We’ve been left astounded by the results we’ve got from their team of web developers who’ve multiplied our quote yields by almost 50x. These are no new players, they’re experts in the game and deserve that recognition. Give their services a go and experience the power of web development for yourself.

Barry Martin
Barry Martin
Business Development Manager
Web Development & Marketing

About Solar Quotes Now

Solar Quotes Now operates out of New South Wales and connects customers with service providers all over Australia in an attempt to instigate the usage of green energy through solar panel installation to make the best use of the ongoing solar rebates from the Australian government.

Energy & Utility

Responsible Team:

Mizu Ahmed
Mizu Ahmed
Project Manager
Yeamin Joy
Yeamin Joy
Team Leader


For years, Solar Quotes Now has been operating using local marketing schemes that included a mix of calling up prospects and visiting them door to door collecting quotes for solar panel installation. Our sources had told us about collecting quotes through online engagement and we didn’t pay much heed to it until we started working with SkyTech. They have helped us design a website that collects quotes for us on its own.

Results from our partners

Over the course of our partnership, the results we’ve seen from SkyTech has redefined our view of websites. They’ve firstly designed an attractive website that has scored high on user experience. The website they’ve made was optimized for search engines in such a way that our page now ranks first on Google Search Results. Even though various updates to Google’s search algorithms, specialists at SkyTech has constantly optimized our website to rank

Furthermore, our website has had many hits that allowed us to collect a large number of leads fifty times what we normally collect. We collect quotes now without any work and we have had an excellent response from installers from all over the country numbering over 700. 

Through the implementation and integration of web applications, SkyTech has made a way for clients to visit the website and fill up a form which is then collected and categorized by area. Our operations have grown to every state of Australia with this new wave of success. 

As of now, we’ve received over this many quotes from willing prospects compared to our this many per week quota from our previous marketing efforts. We can proudly exclaim our satisfaction that we’ve received working with professionals.

Issues we faced

The initial issue we faced was getting ranked on google which itself took a mere 2 months depending on the research that was needed. Once our company website was ranked, it faced a barrage of issues through Google updating its algorithm. Apparently, SkyTech had a quick response to this and instantly optimized our website to suit the recent updates.

We’ve had issues with categorizing our quotes and suppliers which was solved eventually as SkyTech has updated its web application to be more specific in collecting quotes and providing a method to separate legitimate quotes from those which might be fake.

All the issues we’ve faced were met with swift action and we can happily state that SkyTech has been responsive to our feedback. 

What we appreciate about SkyTech Solutions

There are a few traits we seek when we reach out for services. One of those is professionalism in conduct and the other being good results.

As for SkyTech, we were skeptical about outsourcing but they’ve proved us wrong and given us countless opportunities to appreciate and admire their work ethics. SkyTech has been extremely responsive and they communicate in ways that leave no stone unturned. Their code of conduct has caught our attention and their results have shown us what we’ve been missing out on. 

Our Verdict

We stand by our word when we say this; Do not underestimate the power of outsourcing, especially to south Asian countries that’ve built their careers on IT. The web development team at SkyTech knows their game and they are bound to help you outrank your competition just like we did.

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