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What we did

We’ve received a flow of appointments in numbers that we hadn’t prepared for. SkyTech has outdone themselves with their excellent lead generation services and should be given the chance to prove themselves. From us here at Janitorial Lead Pro, we highly recommend SkyTech.

Wilber James
Wilber James
CEO at Janitorial Leads Pro

About Janitorial Leads Pro

Janitorial Leads Pro, A lead generation company based in the US, connects cleaners and janitors with clients through solid leads and appointments. It has expanded its services across 51 states of the USA while remaining a legitimate and reliable commercial cleaning leads vendor.

United States


Janitorial Leads Pro has had success in Lead Generation for its associates across the United States. Furthermore, Its tenure with SkyTech Solutions has yielded substantial results through cold calling.


Janitorial leads pro has been in operation since 2018 and has established a flow of leads through online engagement. It was a steady flow of leads but not substantial. We had opted to gather leads through cold calling and were not quite prepared for the venture. We had reached out to SkyTech in 2018 To outsource our telesales department, and the positive results were visible from the first month. It took us about a couple of weeks to properly set up the operations but the results impressed our clients and us.

Our normal yield before working with SkyTech was about ten leads a day, amounting to around 3000 leads a year. Once started, we were receiving upwards of 30 leads a day with 70% conversion rates. Over the years, SkyTech has helped us gather 24,000 more leads than we ever could, with 17,000 of those being confirmed appointments.

The results we’ve had outsourcing to SkyTech have been fruitful for us, and we highly recommend their services to others seeking to grow.

Challenges We Faced

Our journey wasn’t always smooth with SkyTech, and we would express these with complete honesty since we have communicated these issues with SkyTech, to which they acted accordingly. 

  1. They were unable to provide leads from specific areas set by radius during the first six months. On having recognized the problem, they’ve shot forward to resolution and provided leads for those particular areas. This amendment took a while since they had invested time and effort to procure calling lists.
  2. SkyTech has provided us with uneven appointment timings where we received too many entries for a specific time frame and hardly any other time frames. This issue was resolved when we started to communicate our required appointment schedules and they’ve acted accordingly.

Their Expertise

SkyTech relies heavily on its sales teams, who are highly motivated and energetic. Their management makes working under them an enjoyable experience while they’ve constantly provided us with solid leads as well as valuable reports and feedback.

Why we recommend SkyTech

SkyTech has proved itself to be an organization that has put its clients as first priority. They’ve shown growth and adaptability according to the requirements of their clients. They’ve never ceased to amaze us with the steady flow of leads and appointments. Their cooperation and communication with their clients are unparalleled and we look forward to more successful years in collaboration with their sales team.

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