What We Moderate on Your Online Content?

No one expects user generated content to be entirely clean or thoroughly checked before they are published, which is why we make sure everything checks out perfectly before it hits the servers.

Scam Detection

We filter out the fraudulent content that puts users at risk to protect the integrity of your website at all times and avoid confrontations from lawsuits.

Censoring Nudity

Unsightly content can cause your user base to completely change into unwanted mobs, we keep things clean by filtering out nudity with precision.

Redundancy Check

Duplication can easily ruin the enrichment of user content and our team makes sure to bring down content that has been posted repeatedly.

Content Quality

User generated content doesn’t follow standards and often be of bad quality and keeping these out ensures the integrity of your website.

Online Harassment

Cyberbullying can completely destroy the reputation of your website so it’s best to hire content moderation services that routinely report on these issues.


Filter out plagiarized content that users pose and defend your website from future lawsuits with our specialized team that invests time and focus to make sure nothing goes wrong.

Illegal Content

Your website is monitored on a daily basis for illegal content such as the sale of drugs, armament and more. We clean these out before they’re posted to keep things clean.

Sorting Content


Content categorization simplifies your website and generates more traffic. Keep things sorted and watch your traffic rise substantially with our content moderation services.

What We Monitor

Maintaining a clean flow of user generated requires us to use an approach that monitors every activity users engage in and this strategy is what makes our content moderation services a success.

  • Social Media Content
  • Listings and adverts
  • Posted Images and videos
  • User Profile info
  • Discussion Forums
  • Message Threads
  • User reviews and ratings
  • Embedded Links

Real Time Moderation Keeps The Clean Traffic Flowing

Tell us your requirements and allow us to lay out the entire plan as we manually check every post and message before approval.

Censor controversial content such as posts, images and messages.

Our moderation techniques keep a check on texts, pictures, audios and images posted by users that can usually go undetected by software algorithms as we conduct our operations with full manual capabilities.

  • Mark and censor profanity
  • Filter sexual content and nudity
  • Sensitive user information that can be abused by unethical users

Free Consultation and Discussion

Clients can opt for free consultation and allow us to properly survey the content that needs moderation. Clients can discuss in detail exactly how and what needs to be moderated in explicit detail.

Manual Content Checking

We rely on the competence of our skilled moderators to properly check and filter every user generated content with proper attention to detail. Nothing goes unchecked and 100% efficiency is achieved.

Regular Report Submission

Clients will receive regular updates and reports on the moderated content all throughout the month with a monthly report prepared towards the end so clients can review the activity as well as our performance.

24/7 Moderation Support

We understand users can post content at any time which is why we offer content moderation services on a 24 hour basis so we can help the traffic flowing at a steady speed while cutting out the


To get the fastest answer for any question simply contact us and ask anything.

Increase the flow of Lawful Content with Professional Content Moderation Services.

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