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Checklist to Maintain and Check For Customer Service QA

Musnad E Ahmed

Musnad E Ahmed

Last modified on November 2, 2023

Checklist to Maintain and Check For Customer Service QA

Customer service is an essential part of the business. Quality and skilled support can enhance a company’s overall customer satisfaction, create a strong brand image, retain customers, and attract a huge audience.

Customer service quality assurance can help firms ensure that they provide outstanding client service while also refining their procedures to manage consumers in the best way possible, increasing satisfaction and making them satisfied with products and services.

In this article, you will learn about customer service QA, tips to improve it, and also a checklist to maintain it.

What is Customer Service Quality Assurance?

Service Quality Assurance

Customer service quality assurance is the process of providing and maintaining the highest levels of customer service and reviewing agents and resolution practices. This procedure can assist a team in identifying flaws and opportunities for improvement.

How is Quality Assurance Customer Service Measured?

QA customer service is measured by quality assurance or QA professionals who can provide QA ratings to customer service professionals based on their performance by monitoring and assessing customer service. It is important to examine key customer data when monitoring QA, such as average response time, satisfaction rate, handling time, and so on.

A QA specialist can also score a sample of client contacts to determine overall professionalism such as helpfulness, communication skills, grammar, emotional intelligence, etc. By monitoring all these criteria, the QA customer service is measured.

Tips to Improve Customer Service QA for a Company:

Feedback from the Agent

The first thing you should do to improve customer service QA is collect feedback from the agent. You can manage QA Managers to closely monitor every quality assurance agent who works for them. Monitoring QA agents and reviewing regular input from them ensure quality in order to grow customer happiness and meet business goals.

Monitoring does not just mean general observation. It requires recording client calls and periodically evaluating each agent for quality customer service. The agent’s KPI and future at the call center are determined by the review of recorded calls.

By getting feedback from them, you can ensure better customer service quality assurance.


It is better to provide proper training to the agents since they deliver exceptional customer service in a variety of businesses. Consistent and sufficient training can generate beneficial change in outliers.

While QA professionals are reviewing the recorded calls, they are also planning relevant training programs to empower all of the agents.

Analyze Data

After all of the evaluation, data has been gathered; it must be analyzed.

Following the distribution of the scores, it will be possible to examine and analyze the performance of a specific agent as well as the overall team score.

Data Analyze

Hire a Professional Manager

Hiring a QA manager will be important to provide the highest quality assurance standards and better customer service. Language and communication skills, empathy, emotional intelligence, analytical skills, logical thinking, and great leadership and managerial talents are all crucial factors to consider when hiring a professional.

To better understand clients, one frequent strategy is to have a manager work as a customer care representative for a period of time.

Enhance Quality

When a customer calls your company, it’s more than simply a phone conversation; it’s your company’s first impression that’s at stake. If the customer has a bad first impression, they will switch to a different brand.

Half of the clients change their opinions after one unpleasant experience, while the other half leave after two bad ones; as a result, contact prioritizes providing excellent customer service to exceed your clients’ expectations.

If you increase the quality of your service, customers will come to you, and your business will be expanded.

Customer Service Quality Assurance Checklist

Grammar and Spelling

The first thing that you have to evaluate is whether the agents are using proper grammar or not. As most of the customers are foreigners and agents, they have to deal with them in English most of the time. Suppose your company’s agents’ native language is not English.

In that case, you have to ensure that agents don’t have any grammar-related problems and can speak fluently in English.

Sometimes, if customers ask agents to spell something, then it is mandatory for the agents to know the proper spelling of product and service-related words. Grammar and spelling are very important to continue conversations with every customer properly, and to attract them.

Communication Abilities

When you are hiring agents for customer service, you have to check agents’ communication abilities. As they have to talk to the customers, if they don’t have good communication abilities, then they won’t be able to provide proper service to the customers.

That is why the communication abilities of the agents are very important.

Communication Abilities

Product and Service Knowledge

For the customer service quality assurance checklist, you have to make sure the agents have the proper knowledge about the product and service that your company provides. As agents directly talk to the customers, that is why they must know about products and services so that can provide proper information to the customer.

While maintaining the checklist, ensure that your agents know about products and services. If they don’t have it then provide adequate training to learn about them.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is a personal attribute that most employees either have or do not have; nevertheless, it may be trained with effort and under certain conditions. That is why devising a means of quantifying it is important.

A negative phone customer service experience, for example, can shape a consumer’s perception of customer support in all future interactions. It means that agents must pay attention to and understand what matters to the consumer from the outset of every contact.

Active listening is essential for emotional intelligence and client satisfaction.


Quality assurance is not always related to efficiency. However, efficiency does not simply refer to how quickly you respond. It includes successfully managing time and resources in order to deliver a solution to the customer while avoiding repeat contact. Agents must be able to resolve issues in a timely manner.

They must know to appropriately categorize cases and accurately modify case files. Answering further queries to avoid further discussion is also crucial for the agents.



Don’t forget to focus on the correctness of the agents. This is another component of the customer service quality assurance checklist. You have to train the agents so that they can provide all the correct information to the customers.

If they don’t provide the correct information, it will negatively affect your business. That is why correctness in customer service is very important.


Your agents must be as productive as possible to manage the largest volume of calls on any given day. You can track your agents’ productivity and advise them if they need to speed up using real-time monitoring and feedback.

Call statistics can help you determine how long average talks take and what they might be doing to keep calls going longer than they should.

Productivity growth


The tone of the agents really matters, and you should keep it on the customer service quality assurance checklist. Agents’ tone should be convincing and welcoming while receiving calls. Because of the tonality of the agents, customers should feel that the agents are available to serve them. It creates a positive impact on customers.

Customer’s Reaction at the End of the Conversation

Don’t forget to note down the customer’s reaction at the end of the conversation, as their reactions matter the most for the business. If their reaction is positive and satisfying, then it means your agents are working properly. On the other hand, if their reaction is negative and dissatisfying, your agents are not working properly.

Check this thing, if needed then provide training to the agents so that they can handle the customer’s property and customers’ reactions become positive.

Importance of Customer Service Quality Assurance Checklist

Many businesses struggle to maintain consistency in their customer service. The problem is a lack of precise instructions for customer care; as a result, customer service quality might fluctuate, resulting in a negative client experience.

Create a standard checklist for your support employees to handle this issue. This will assist you in maintaining good service quality and can also be utilized in the event of a client misunderstanding.

If a company follows a checklist, it can overcome all the struggles and do better in the job field.

Questions to Evaluate the Complete Customer Service of Your Company

Man holding question mark in front of his face
  1. Did the phone ring more than twice before being answered?
  2. Did the employee appropriately greet you?
  3. Did the employee make an introduction?
  4. How warm and professional was the employee’s tone of voice?
  5. Was the phone call handled professionally but not hurriedly?
  6. Did the employee provide accurate information or direct the caller to the appropriate person?
  7. Did the employee present the best image of the organization possible?
  8. Did the employee show their appreciation to the caller?
  9. Did the staff make excellent use of the opportunity to place the caller on hold when necessary?
  10. Was there any background noise on the other end of the line during the call?
  11. Were you satisfied with the service?
  12. Was there anything specific that clients disliked about the staff?


Finally, it is essential to prepare a customer service quality assurance checklist so that you can ensure the best customer service in your company. This article will help you to take the proper steps for that.

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