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9 Steps of Hiring the Perfect Marketing Assistant

Musnad E Ahmed

Musnad E Ahmed

Last modified on October 31, 2023

9 Steps of Hiring the Perfect Marketing Assistant

One of the crucial posts in your organization is that of a marketing assistant. Effective marketing constitutes a solid base to run businesses.

It takes a team, or sometimes an entire department to fix strategies and processes before finally doing it right. Managers are the decision-makers, but a marketing assistant does the more heavy lifting.

Consider choosing a marketing assistant capable of doing all the tasks your organization needs in this field. Set skill preferences, run the hiring process, and make sure you know what questions you will ask in the interviews.

Let’s talk about steps you should follow to hire the perfect marketing assistant.

What skills are needed for a marketing assistant?

Almost all industries need their marketing teams to ensure growth potential and boost sales. Before you opt for a marketing assistant for your company, it’s best to determine what skills your company requires for this post.

Also, note down if your business has any unique insights. These parts may need specialized skills.

Here are the skills a marketing assistant should have. You can Include special requirements as well.

  • Ability of doing proper marketing research
  • Identifying target audience’s needs
  • Monitoring of marketing campaigns
  • Understanding of Social Media
  • Analytic nature
  • Delivering graphic, written, or verbal presentations
  • Assisting in the creation and maintenance of content across multiple platforms
  • Coordination capability
  • Gathering data to improve performance
  • Generating ideas for promotional events
  • The ability to handle general office support
  • Good communication skills

The 9 Steps

Step-1: Determine Tasks

Determine how many skills and tasks you require for the marketing assistant to follow through. You may find assistants expert in some tasks while not so expert in others. So, you have to make sure first what skills are a must. Additionally, decide if you need specific educational qualifications, experience, or certification.

Step-2: Write Job Description

The second part is to write a description for the job post, mentioning all the skills you’ve determined your organization needs.

Clearly mention all requirements; educational qualifications, experience, and a short description of your company so that the candidates can understand the company culture and decide if they are suitable for the job.

Fix your salary range based on your company’s budget, but try to be competitive as well.

Write Job Description

Step-3: Post Recruitment Ads

Double-check all the requirements and information you have given in the job description. Correct errors and finalize the piece for posting.

Once you’re done preparing your post, circulate it in different social media platforms and use targeted keywords and hashtags in the post to attract your desired type of candidates.

Step-4: Review Applications

Whenever a company decides to hire a workforce, they are usually aware of the type of candidates they are looking for. Some of your candidates may be under-qualified, while some may be overqualified.

For example, if you are offering an entry-level job, selecting high demanding candidates will surpass your budget.On the other hand, for the leading positions, you will need expansive portfolios.

Prioritize previous work experience and work samples to understand if they match your requirements.

Step-5 : Call For Interview

Once you shortlist candidates, call them for an interview. As a job provider, you know exactly what you are looking for. So, select those who fulfill all the specific needs a marketing assistant should have.

Call For Interview

Step-6: Conduct Interview

Plan your questions for the interview ahead of time. Ask questions that help you judge their abilities in adding value to your organization/fulfilling your task.

Remember candidates with high dedication, organizational skills, and a great mindset can be great assets for your company.

If you need help with interview questions, we’ve mentioned a few near the end of the article.

Step-7: Talk to the Existing Team Members

Once you are done with the interviews, you’ve already got some applicants who seem perfect. Now it’s better to talk to the existing marketing team, with whom the new marketing assistant will be working.

Although asking for opinions from the team members is not mandatory, it’s often a good option. After all, team play is fairly important in good marketing practices.

Step-8: Review References, Speak with Concerns

Once you’ve qualified applicants, verify their references. A boss knows best which employee is capable of what.

So, speak with referrals provided. If any of your selected people don’t mention any references, ask for a minimum of two or three people to talk with.

It is not necessary to spend a long time talking to them; ask about their performance, the reason for leaving the job, if the candidate is a good teammate, and if that company would like to rehire that employee.

Speak with Concerns

Hopefully, if you find the answers satisfactory, that candidate will bring significant benefits to your company in the near future.

Step-9: Make an Offer

Making an offer is the last part of the hiring process. When you’ve decided to hire marketing assistants, make an approach with a phone call.

Give them the good news in a welcoming tone. Keep the conversation short and reserved, but make sure you do not miss any crucial details such as salary, joining date, and work time.

Finally, when the candidate accepts your offer, send an official written offer letter through email. The written offer includes,

  • Additional perks
  • Job title
  • Base salary
  • Legal obligations of a new employee
  • Paid time
  • Detailed medical and related benefits
  • Response deadline
  • Start date
  • Supervisor’s name

Questions You Should Ask to Find a Good Fit for the Position

We’ve already promised you to give some ideas about the questions to ask that will help evaluate and determine if the candidates are a perfect fit for the job.

So, here are the questions:

  • As a marketing assistant, you will have to share ideas for company promotion. Now tell us your strategy for promoting a new product.
  • What skills do you possess that will be useful to your success as a marketing assistant?
  • You will be working on different projects. Not obviously, you will succeed in everything. How well do you handle failure?
  • Can we expect you to work effectively under heavy pressure?
  • Usually, how do you handle criticism? Let’s say one customer is not treating you the way he should.
  • Tell us about two products you marketed most and least successfully. What was your strategy?

Whether you are hiring marketing assistants or other employees, following these steps to choose a perfectionist will allow you to find the most intellectual and dedicated workforce for your company. In addition to these, if your company has any special requirements or processes, you can adjust them with the steps we mentioned.

Good luck with your hiring process. Get great ones!

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