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Musnad Ahmed Is Offering Robust Solutions to Businesses with Integrity: GoodFirms

Musnad E Ahmed

Musnad E Ahmed

Last modified on October 8, 2022

Musnad Ahmed Is Offering Robust Solutions to Businesses with Integrity: GoodFirms

Incorporated in 2013 and based in Dhaka, Bangladesh, SkyTech Solutions is a universal outsourcing agency supplying a comprehensive suite of services with access to a large resource pool at modern, reliable off-shore facilities.

SkyTech Solutions’ innovative solutions allow clients to increase profit margins by focusing on their core competencies. It works with skilled, qualified, equipped, and motivated resources. SkyTech caters to clients with highly skilled resources in Telemarketing, Image Editing, Search Engine Optimization, Web Design, Virtual Assistants, and Software Solutions.

Moreover, SkyTech Solutions is an acknowledged leader in the Domestic and International Call Center Outsourcing Industry. It offers a broad range of Outbound Services, including Sales, Market Research, Lead Generation, Fundraising, Appointment Setting, Collections, Telemarketing, and many others. The Inbound Call Centers give Customer Service, Sales, Help Desk, Order taking, and Technical Support.

The GoodFirms team approached Musnad Ahmed, the CEO of SkyTech Solutions, to know more about the company and its services. Musnad starts by mentioning that he began SkyTech Solutions with the sole purpose of producing excellent outsourcing services to SMEs in 2013. It started as a small-scale telemarketing firm operating a couple of profitable projects, and now it provides almost all sorts of outsourcing solutions.

As the CEO of SkyTech Solutions, Musnad oversees the work procedure of the organization. He guides clients seeking outsourcing services & offers them solutions based on their needs. He is also responsible for managing and maintaining the overall integrity of the company profile.

Supervising progress and reviewing each employee has been Musnad’s primary goal. He tries his best to support and motivate each individual separately, even though Musnad has people who care for the littlest details and add more finesse to the workflow.

Talking about the notion behind commencing SkyTech, Musnad asserts that he’s been in the BPO picture since 2007, starting as a telemarketing agent at a call center in Bangladesh. While working in a couple of companies until 2013, Musnad decided to start his own business with a clear vision of making SkyTech the best BPO Company in Bangladesh.

When asked about the company’s flourishing services, Musnad elaborates on BPO services and says that SkyTech’s team works with clients to optimize operations, sustain profitable growth, and accelerate into the digital age.

The organization provides outsourcing services from its delivery centers in Bangladesh. The facilities feature an on-site management group working round the clock, fully redundant voice, data connections to the global, enterprise-grade network foundation, uninterrupted power solutions, and all of the peculiarities of any imposing provider without grandiose cost compositions.

SkyTech Solutions intends to market and nurture a long-term commitment with our clientele and prospects alike. Its end goal remains the same, i.e., maximizing sales for the clients by utilizing fair practices and preserving their goodwill at the same time.

Moreover, Musnad says that being Bangladesh’s best BPO company, its purpose is to present impeccable customer service worldwide. As businesses like Amazon and Alibaba continue to obtain more customers, the chances are that their users too are opting for reliability, and that’s where SkyTech envisions itself to represent clients’ brands on the phone and chat service.

The review obtained at GoodFirms confirms the quality of service provided by SkyTech Solutions.


The veterans who have succeeded in this industry take calls from clients’ customers to deliver the best customer support services. SkyTech assigns rosters on a 24-hour basis so they don’t miss out on a single call while supervisors oversee the whole operation.

Moreover, with the growing complexity of products and services, SkyTech’s staff helps out customers facing technical difficulties while escorting them with patience and courtesy. Only seasoned professionals are chosen for specialized support campaigns for their complexity and quality.

Thus, providing such robust services to clients paves the way for organizational growth as resources.

Musnad further says that while SkyTech is a third-party BPO company, it handles all the processes through in-house staff, selected and trained right here at SkyTech.

SkyTech employs highly skilled back-office specialists that can take on multiple challenges. They are highly equipped and experienced enough to add much-needed value to the infrastructure of businesses across all fields. The back-office staff caters to clients with services from fundamental administrative tasks such as establishing appointments or managing calendar entries to facilitating meetings and managing office inventory.

The team understands the amount of work stacked on those managing eCommerce stores and online shops, so SkyTech offers back-office support personnel capable of concocting online orders precisely. The experts employed can accurately hear any audio and convert it into text with little to no attempt.

Thus, making sure each individual assigned to clients is well-versed and trained adequately, besides being on excellent terms with the clients themselves, would soon enable SkyTech Solutions to burgeon as one of the top IT services companies at GoodFirms.

The review displayed below is evidence of the quality of services provided by SkyTech Solutions.


In conclusion, Musnad divulges that Bangladesh offers a competitive stage for BPO companies. Administering and maintaining a BPO company in Bangladesh is a challenging task, especially with many capable opponents. The professionals have outlasted the competition and managed to expand and diversify operations over a large scale.

Ergo, SkyTech ranks as one of the best BPO companies in South Asia. Musnad thinks this is mainly due to the direction the team chooses and the experts the company hires who, over time, have made it their passion to serve SkyTech to the fullest.

SkyTech is most well-known for its customer support services, inbound & outbound sales services, and Back-office support services. The organization has been chiefly approached for the customer support and back-office support services that stand out among the competition in the region.

Thus, having gone through the details shared by Musnad as above, one can also read the detailed interview he gave to GoodFirms.

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