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What Makes an Outsourced Call Center Successful?

Musnad E Ahmed

Musnad E Ahmed

Last modified on March 13, 2024

What Makes an Outsourced Call Center Successful?

Call centers and BPO organizations are on their rise to prominence in many countries which has created jobs for countless individuals as well as provided marketing and outreach solutions for multiple giant overseas organizations. With its accelerating development, a lot of new issues have surfaced mostly centered around their quality of service.

Call centers are run by most Asian and South Asian countries that make up the bulk of all telesales executives worldwide. These scores of foreign agents and management teams often pose issues that limit the effectiveness of these BPO organizations when they overlook operational goals and focus on the cash this brings in which results in Call centers leaving a bad impression on every stakeholder.

Only a few call centers exist that get the job done with accuracy and professionalism and it is their example that all other call centers should follow so that they may rise to the top as well. Here we will discuss what makes outsourced call centers successful in the competitive field of BPO services.

Centralized and regulated workplace

Call centers are outsourced business often requiring a centralized work environment but oftentimes, individuals take it upon themselves to work from home which complicates the situation. It is best for call centers to have a centralized workplace for some very good reasons first of which is centered around manageability.

Call centers need to constantly monitor and manage their telesales agents who  do most of the talking and it is done best when they are all together in one place where the process can be regulated accordingly. Monitoring for sales or performance dips is important and requires immediate action which enables supervisors to do their job much easily. There is also the fact that all telesales agents dial from one spot and put in their team effort while encouraging and motivating each other is also considered a very strong reason why call centers need to have one workplace.

Apart from that, individuals may not be able to provide the standardized equipment or the internet connectivity which a call center has at its disposal which ruins many good leads. Having a centralized office and staff together will not only boost management but also bring in a better performance since an office environment is tuned to bring out the best performance for every employee.

Training and support for staff

Call centers are known to hire newcomers and freshers who are only required to have a good command over their English speaking abilities. There are no other prerequisites that require academic degrees and this is not entirely necessary. However easy it may seem, call center executives need proper training before they can start dialing for very good reasons.

To begin with, an employee is given the full details of the product or service that they will be dialing for. This includes every little detail that the employee needs to learn so that he may never be stopped with any questions during the long winded conversation with prospects.

Employees are also trained to build a harmonious rapport with prospects when they call. This is a very important part of their overall training since building a rapport builds trust in the prospects who have been getting telemarketing calls all day from countless agents. It is quite obvious they might even be enraged, but a well trained telesales agent will know how to handle such situations with courtesy and grace.

Lastly a call center telesales agent is also required to learn how to maneuver refusals or objections through rebuttals. This is especially important to know since 95% of the prospects they call will be putting forward a ton of objections that the telesales expert will need to bypass to get a guaranteed sale.

Effective reward and recognition schemes

The bulk of your successes and profits come directly through your team of telemarketers who spend hours talking to prospects trying their best to convince them and make a sale. The call center reaps the benefits as well as the agents who sometimes may not always be in their A game.

As a professional call center, it is a major responsibility to keep the employees morale on an all-time high through reward and recognition programs that can routinely motivate them to work even harder. Call center executives don’t usually get paid as much as they expect and this can automatically cause their motivation to plummet substantially and it is up to the management to ensure this does not happen. This is why introducing such schemes can incentivize agents to do their best when they work.

Expert Management of Staff

The employees do all the work but they need an able bodied supervisor who makes sure the operational goals are completed accordingly. Every successful call center relies on the management prowess of their supervisors who lead the team to glories just like a general would.

A supervisor is responsible for the performance of their team. If a team or its members underperform, which they may and is perfectly normal, it is up to the supervisor to help them up and bring them up to speed. A supervisor or a team leader is also responsible for the overall performance for which he is answerable directly to the owners of the establishment. Without proper supervision, the call center floor would head into chaos and disarray which makes it imperative that a call center looking to be successful trains up and employs a supervisor who can take charge and move the team forward.

Equipment and Connectivity

To be among the successful call centers, reliability is something which stands out as a major game changer. Call centers ensure reliability on their tech which all their operations are conducted through. A standardized set up is required for a call center to continue functioning and to make things better, a call center will need to have the best equipment for their employees.

With all the software that is required to run the operations for employees, it is best to provide your staf with computers that will not malfunction or slow down upon any given load. They will also need to be ensured with reliable and comfortable headsets which they will need to talk to the prospects for long hours. This will ensure their comfort and that the frustration of a slow PC does not build up over the course of the work hours.

To ensure smooth working conditions, a stable network and internet connection is also a huge requirement for call centers. The calls are made entirely through the internet and a bad connection may ruin many calls while call centers may lose a lot of money over wasted leads and other costs.

Maintaining Steady connections with clients

Call centers become successful through campaigns provided by overseas clients who contractually outsource their services. They may expect a steady communication from call centers as they are paying for the services and deserve to know how things are going. A successful call center will routinely report their progress to their clients in time even if the reports are bad. It is important to remember that clients will not necessarily be displeased by the sow progress and may provide call centers with information which can be used to boost the progress which is why call centers should also seek out their clients for proper guidance. When a call center maintains steady communications with their clients, they are considered to be professional and reliable which in the future brings them even more clients and campaigns.

Paying Attention to Staff Motivation and Mental Health

A call center is usually the place where work can become extremely stressful and frustrating. The employees have to go through constant rejection for hours and it can reduce their confidence down to zero. This can affect their performance over the course of the shift and it needs to be addressed in order to raise morale and the overall cadence of their performance.

Call center employees who are mentally drained through stress and rejection often need to be taken off calls and given a pep talk to help them gain the confidence in themselves. This is something successful call centers follow in order to boost the overall performance of their staff and rise to the top.

Ensuring the motivation and mental health of telesales executives can benefit call centers in the long run with employees who build themselves over time to become experts and bring in even more profits for the business.

Lastly, Providing good outcomes like the pros!

A successful call center is the one always putting forward their best team effort to provide steady results for their clients. This will not only increase profits but also earn them a reputation that will last a lifetime. Ensure all the aforementioned advice on the best practices of professional call centers and the perfect outcome is inevitable.

Sales organization and business process outsourcing specialist with over 15 years experience in building and running highly efficient sales and customer support organizations, and in providing board and project level consulting to the sales and service organizations of leading companies all over the globe. Developed and implemented staffing strategies and programs that improved operational outcomes and maximized the available staff resources. Specializes in client experience, business process re-engineering, business requirements development, contact center optimization, customer relationship Management, staff training and motivation, and organizational analysis. Has led multiple teams in the successful development and implementation of new business models in BPO industries.

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