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With over 10 years in the industry, we’ve made a permanent spot for ourselves as the leading provider of telemarketing services in Bangladesh aimed at reaching global popularity with our range of services.

Our agents are assigned to reach out to customers with sales propositions and successfully close the deal using refined techniques and a professional approach.
We train and employ teams of experts on standby to answer incoming sales calls from customers seeking products or services with keen attention and courteous approach.
Specially trained agents make calls to set up appointments for clients with customers for their services with full attention to details.
With outreach and sales leads being extremely costly to acquire, large and small businesses turn to us as we generate effective leads for businesses.
With carefully calibrated cold calling scripts our trained agents make sure every lead we generate is a qualified lead through proper follow up calls.
We carry out lead generation operations for small or large-scale businesses as we reach out to prospects using specialized scripts for cold calling methods that reap the best results.


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Industries We Specialize In

To keep up with the ever expanding challenges of the telemarketing industry, we have broadened our horizon and spread out our expertise over a vast range of industries which we have constantly been perfecting for the last 10 years to bring the best services for our clients.

Specialization in US Market

  • Merchant Cash Advance Leads
  • Air Duct Cleaning Leads
  • Janitorial Leads
  • Solar Leads
  • Final Expense Leads
  • Real Estate Leads

Specialization in Australian Market

  • Solar Appointment Setting
  • LED Appointment Setting
  • Energy & Gas Leads

Specialization in Canadian Market

Airduct Cleaning

  • Door and window cleaning
  • Real State Leads


Why do clients choose us over others?

Being the most experienced and advanced call center in the region, SkyTech Solutions is the optimum choice for clients looking to outsource their telemarketing department. We have worked alongside many well known names who have chosen our services for good reasons. The recruitment and training that we carry out pales in comparison and produces agents who bring in large quantities of qualified leads and confirmed sales. Assign us with your telemarketing department and experience the exquisite services that we provide for our clients.


Who Is Working With Us?

As we serve a wide range of industries, we have worked with some of the most well known names in the business. Our operations are spread across the USA, Australia and Canada as we cater to the needs of different sectors. The clients we work with have been with us since the inception of SkyTech Solutions and continue to maintain their partnership with us.

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Crush the Competition with Qualified and Authenticated Lead Generation Services.


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